Response to public harassment by Kimberly ("Kim") Duclos, part 3

(If you've already seen this page, have a look at Part 1, a primer on the whole mess; Part 2, details about the false report Kimberly Duclos gave to the Boulder Police Department on February 26, 2016; and Part 4, a page of links to my blog posts about this unpleasant saga, one I'll update as needed but hopefully will be able to neglect altogether going forward.)

This is about the lies Kimberly Duclos told on a restraining-order (RO) petition she filed on February 29, 2016, which, in conjunction with the false report she gave to Officer Nadia Davis of the Boulder Police Department three days earlier and the RO petition I filed against Kim Duclos on the same day she filed hers against me, required my presence in court on March 14, 2016. I will describe that day in court and subsequent events on a different page that I will post in due time.

Right up front, I have to admit that I got a kick out of the fact that my RO against Kim and hers against me had consecutive case numbers and were signed by the same judge -- she must have gone to the courthouse right after I did, and I am surprised, and gratified, that I didn't see her. I would bet that this judge and many others have had identical experiences (mutual, simultaneous ROs) but it's not a world in which I have ever traveled.

I was confident from the outset that Kim's RO against me would be dismissed. After all, I almost cannot imagine anyone making more of a mockery of this process than Kim did with the garbage she wrote on her complaint. I was less confident that I would be able to keep my RO against her, simply because I was not at that point ready to get a lawyer to help me gather the evidence that made the various false and defamatory Internet posts about me I have claimed that she did -- just a formality, really, but potentially a costly and time-consuming one. I have now changed my stance, and I'll get into that later.

The first thing to know about these ROs is that they can be sought on the basis of six distinct things: domestic abuse; stalking; sexual assault; unlawful sexual conduct; abuse of the elderly or an at-risk adult; and physical assault, threat or other situation. Kim decided to go for domestic abuse (even though this is only supposed to apply to intimate personal relationships and roommate situations), stalking, and assault/threat/other. The manner in which she attempted to support the idea that I am guilty of any of these things was almost comical in its bald-faced implausibility.

When you fill out the RO petition, there is a four-part question, #4, in which you explain the exact circumstances precipitating the petition. These are:

a) the most recent incident;

b) the most serious incident;

c) any other incidents;

d) any other current protection orders against your putative harasser.

Kim managed to erect remarkably unstable and malodorous mounds of arrant bullshit in response to each of these four sections.

In the event you cannot read the writing in the image below, which is Kim's answer to part a) of question #4 on her RO petition, she claimed that I was driving through her neighborhood in a gray truck at 4:45 p.m. on February 26, 2016, when I spotted her at the intersection of Tenino Avenue and 55th Street and yelled at her.

First of all, I have never driven in any sort of gray truck in my life. I had a gray van when I was 24 and living in Atlanta for a year. The only car I am ever seen driving in Boulder is a white 1996 Toyota Camry.

This, however, is not the thing that would blow this accusation away at the hearing. The next image is of a PayPal debit card receipt from the coffee shop in the main branch of the Boulder Public Library.

It is time-stamped 15:53 p.m. PST on Friday, Feb. 26, which is 4:53 p.m. my time. I had other ways of establishing that I was at the library at 4:45 p.m. that day, but anyone familiar with the traffic and layout of Boulder will immediately agree that in rush-hour traffic, it would take at least 20 minutes to drive the 3.75 miles or so from the named intersection near the East Boulder Rec Center to the library parking lot. Tack on the five or more minutes it would take to park, enter the building and buy a coffee, and we're talking 25 minutes or more. So even if Kim had been off by 15 minutes and the hectoring by someone in this mystery truck had occurred at 4:30, it still could not have been me.

And, as if that were not enough, I had a parking receipt for the library lot with the license plate on said Camry printed on it.

So, there was lie number one of four (on just this page of the RO petition, of course). Felicitously, the next one -- part (b), the most serious incident provoking the RO -- was largely contingent on this one, meaning that I knew that it too would fail miserably. I'm sure you can read in the image below that she wrote that in February of 2015, on some unspecified date, I drove past her while she was running on Baseline Road near Manhattan Drive, in the increasingly notorious and nonexistent gray truck, and swerved into the bike lane she was in while honking and yelling obscenities.

First of all, it's convenient that, in contrast to the claim she made in part a), she can't give a precise date. Given that she has supposedly been afraid of me for a long time now (more on this below), doesn't it seem likely that she would have remembered the date even if she chose to not report the incident to the police? And second, since this gray truck is supposedly a violent theme in her life, doesn't it seem strange that she didn't get even part of a license plate, if not the first time, then certainly on Feb. 26 at 4:45 p.m., the second (at least) time she said that someone driving it has harassed her?

Moving on to part (c), which is set aside for other incidents or threats, Kim claimed (see above image) that in the summer of 2015 (note the regression from a specific date and time to a specific month to a season; maybe next she'll say I harassed her in a past life), we encountered each other while running in opposite directions at Buffalo Ranch (she says "XC course," as if that would mean anything to a judge, but I know what she meant because she has dishonestly claimed to live next to Buffalo Ranch) and that when she recognized me and turned around, I chased her, yelling and swearing, until one of us was about 400 meters from the parking lot. She also wrote that in a separate incident last summer, I drove past her on 55th Street, in a vehicle not specified, while she was, you guessed it, running -- this woman sure does do a lot of running for an ex-runner, doesn't she? -- and was once more swerving and yelling at her.

So in summary, I supposedly yelled at her from a gray truck while she was running over a year ago -- in a neighborhood she did not yet live in, at that -- then chased her both on foot and in a vehicle last summer while she was running, making all sorts of profane commotion in the process, and then took at least six months off from hectoring her until renewing my stalking from the same gray truck last month.

Doesn't it seem like one hell of a coincidence that she only decided that these alleged incidents were worth reporting immediately after she discovered that I'd finally decided to publicize evidence of her ongoing lies and defamatory insanity rather wait a few more years for her misguided resentment against me to finally burn itself out? Also, since she was still making entries in her anti-Kevin Beck blog last summer, at least at first, doesn't it seem bizarre that she failed to note at least the first of these disturbing episodes

Finally, this is part d) Kim's response to the question about whether she is aware of any other active ROs against me. Note that she used the words "potentially" and "possibly" as license to say virtually anything here.

First, she bizarrely claimed that one of my good friends back in Massachusetts might have an RO against me. This friend is the same person who in 2015 got a Facebook message from Kim posing as someone else (Kim went so far as to create a Facebook account including this real person's real photos). Kim homed in my Massachusetts friend simply because Kim doesn't like her and is jealous of this person's entire life. Kim unquestionably knew that the two of us are not in any sort of conflict and that we live 2,000 miles apart anyway.

Then, in an almost surreal burst of irrationality, she suggested that Lize might have an RO against me. Kim is well aware that Lize and I spend parts of almost every single day and night together. For example, she mocked a picture of the two of us at last year's post-Cross Country Nationals party put on by Steve and Sara Slattery at the Absinthe on Walnut Street in Boulder.

That's it for now except for a couple of bemusing details. One is that this document is supposed to protect the petitioner, and until I was served with it, I actually had no firm idea where Kim actually lives. Her RO against me in theory only made it easier for me to stalk her; I haven't and won't, obviously, but how idiotic was it on Kim's part to give me her precise location? I suppose she thought I already knew it. The other is that I also didn't know that she is enrolled in online classes at Front Range CC, but that made it onto the RO as well, along with the claim that she works for the Best Buy "Geek Squad" from home. She has stated both in her LinkedIn profile and on her Facebook page that she attends the University of Colorado; I have long suspected that she was lying about this as well, and now I know for certain.

I really hope that when this is over, someone in a position to get her some real help -- starting most likely with strong psychotropics -- steps in and makes it happen somehow. She's sufficiently malicious even on a good day to place any real sympathy for her from me beyond the realm of possibility, but if her mental health improves, she might stop pulling this aggravating bullshit, and that'll be good enough for me.