Response to public harassment by Kimberly ("Kim") Duclos, part 2

(If you've already seen this page, have a look at Part 1, a primer on the whole mess; Part 3, details about the dishonest restraining-order petition Kimberly Duclos filed on February 29, 2016; and Part 4, a page of links to my blog posts about this unpleasant saga, one I'll update as needed but hopefully will be able to neglect altogether going forward.)

What I am presenting here is the police report from February 26, 2016 (for some reason the officer recorded it as March 16, 2015) resulting from Kim Duclos's extensive false testimony to one Officer N. Davis of the Boulder Police Department. Kim, as you should have learned by now, told Officer Davis that I harassed her from a gray truck while she was running that afternoon, but made the mistake of claiming that this harassment happened at a time when I could prove I was nowhere near the spot where she claimed to have been harassed. (This is only one stumble among many that Kim has made in her ongoing quest to become the most leprous individual in the history of mid-level marathoning; the gap between her regard for her own brainpower and her actual intelligence is enormous and growing daily.) The real triggering event for this was not Kim being heckled by me or any other motorist, but Kim discovering that I had just posted this page about her, although she would never admit it.

I was not aware of the full content of this police report until I received a copy at the hearing on March 14, and although I already knew it was laden with lies, when I had a chance to closely look it over after the hearing was finished, I was almost astonished at the sheer level of dishonesty involved. But then I quickly reminded myself that Kim is fundamentally a colossal fabricator even when she's in what passes for a gracious mood, so it only stood to reason that in a grossly agitated state, like the one she was clearly in as a result of the seeing the exposure of her scurrilous behavior on my Web site, she would go from telling calculated whoppers to letting fly with unrestrained, loopy, and contradictory ones.

I broke the text of the report into eight sections thanks to simple optical considerations. In the first one, Kim wastes no time at all piling on the prevarication. I imagine that at the time she was talking to the officer, it didn't even enter her mind that her words would ultimately take the form of a printed document that would find its way into my hands. Regardless, she served up an array of falsehoods right out of the gate.

Let's see. I became a member of the Central Mass Striders in 1997, when Kim would have been a sophomore in high school. I was the editor of the club's bimonthly newsletter from the end that year until sometime in late 1999 or early 2000. There are literally dozens if not hundreds of people in New England who would remember this. Also, Kim told the officer that I had known her for 15 years, when in fact I first met her in 2009 and have actually encountered her in person a grand total of four times: at the 2009 Boston Marathon Expo; twice in the spring or summer of 2010, by which time I was coaching her and happened to be going to or through Worcester; and on March 14 of this year in court. If she has seen me up close on any other occasions, it's because she has been furtively following me around Boulder, a possibility that would be foolish to discount.

She says she did her first marathon in October 2001, but this is not true -- go to and do a search and you'll find that she ran the Boston Marathon in April 2001 in 3:11 and change, and recorded no other results that year. I had never heard of her until 2002, when she came within a minute of breaking three hours, also at Boston. I ran in both of these races and was still with CMS at the time, so I have good reason to recall basic details about the results of reasonably fast runners in my own club. But the idea that I knew her, or discussed her with anyone, or showed up at any of her races between 2002 and the rest of her running career is a load of crap. I moved to Virginia in the spring of 2002 and was never a full-time resident of New England after that until 2009. We both lined up at Boston again in 2003, but it's not as if I caught sight of her among the other 20,000 or so entrants.

Anyway, you get the picture. Kim had already committed to the lie about me driving a gray truck, so adding the narrative about me being a pursuer of hers of long standing, even though she contacted me out of the blue in October 2009 about coaching her and again in June 2013. I am not sure when we became friends on "Face book" but I know we were friends on MySpace before that.

Another bothersome thing about this is that at first, the police officer clearly believed Kim's contrived sob story, which her "boyfriend" appears to have been in on. I suppose that these stories turn out to be at least somewhat true more often than not, which helps explain why the cop was a bit harsh with me when she called me hours after absorbing Kim's fictitious tale of woe. Ironically, Kim, who loves to prate on about being an advocate of women in running (while actually viciously hating most women), is doing a grave disservice to victims of genuine abuse with this kind of lying.

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Note that Kim admits to having alcohol issues here. That would be an understatement, which, I suppose, at least beats a total lie. Kim, while living in Boston in her early 20s before getting canned or laid off from a job there (you pick the correct version, I can't), had a habit of drinking, by her own admission, up to 26 beers a day, Not a case -- 26. I can't recall why this number was important to her (I for some reason don't think it had anything to do with the marathon), but it made her description of her behavior easy to remember. In any case, she has owned up to being a blackout drinker of long standing, and told me in the fall of 2013 that she had joined a subreddit called StopDrinking. Yet if you look at her Facebook page and her blog now, she boasts about enjoying "a few tasty craft beers." While some people might be able to go from sustained blackout drinking to moderate sipping (I know I couldn't), rest assured that Kim is not one of them. And I can point at a number of online posts she has made within the past year when she almost had to be under the influence.

But you don't even need any context to see how deceitful Kim is being here. In one sentence she says I told her to drink her way through a bender (advice I would obviously never offer to anyone) and that she was vulnerable to such evil advice at this point, and almost immediately afterward she claims she was too strong to be manipulated by me. a masterful controller of women.

Kim told the police officer, for reasons unclear to me, that she knows that Lize's mom doesn't like me, which is not true at all. But it gets even stranger. Kim told the cop, correctly, that she moved to Indiana along with one of my friends (I brokered this in the spring of 2010 as favor to Kim, actually) but it wasn't so that Kim could join "an Elite running club at one of the Universities," it was so she could continue pursuing a guy who had moved to a nearby city from Worcester months earlier. That while train wreck is a saga in itself, or maybe it's the other way around, but it doesn't merit treatment in this already bloated explanation. Kim omitted the part about skipping out on a couple months' rent when she headed to Iowa -- and no, I never took a bus from Colorado to Iowa or from anywhere to Iowa.

And this cop -- how could she take any of this seriously? Kim at this point has just told her that I spent the years between 2001 and the present intruding on her life in a disturbing way, but Kim didn't think it was a big deal that I showed up unannounced on her doorstep? That wasn't stalkerish, merely "strange"? (I suppose that I should indicate at this point that I know that this this officer has not been on the force for very long.)

Kim by this stage in her raving was merely doing one of the few things she does well -- lying her ass off, piling fiction on more fiction none of it meshing with reality but all of it at least consistent in that it would have directed an unassuming cop to think I was a substance-crazed, womanizing dirtball. Kim felt bad for herself for being properly torn into and apart, so she was striking back in the one way she is capable of -- by telling lies.

Next up is crap I have also covered here. I have no idea if Kim came up with these lies on the spot or whether she had time to consider them before the day she called the police to commit a crime. I do wonder how much time she spent in the vicinity of Lize's house if she knew I drive a white car that is often parked there (it's not a Civic, but getting that one wrong is the least of Kim's deviations from reality).

Now the finale. Kim told the cop she had become very paranoid over time (finally, a hint of truth). "Kevin has created a link through his coaching website that is all to do with Kim and how she lies about him" is a clumsy construction. but close enough -- a couple days before this meeting between Kim and the police officer, I had uploaded this page to my site and briefly left the privacy setting on "Public" rather than "Friends" just to see what might happen. The result? Well, I got what I asked for. Kim probably checks my Facebook page, what she can see of it using a sham account, every single day, I know she checks my main site, my running blog, and my other blog virtually every day.

The last collection of JPEGs consist of my e-mailed statement to Officer Davis on the night she called me. I will note that after getting over her initial suspicions of me, which manifested themselves in a distinctly contemptuous tone with a lot of interrupting my answering of her questions, she was actually quite helpful and I think that by remaining a lot more calm and diplomatic than I felt like being -- I wasn't upset with the cop, but I have just been so sick of this idiot waggling her smelly virtual ass in my face for a long time, without a shred of justification, that it's hard to maintain equanimity.

At the bottom of the report, it says "Status: Closed." I wish it had been just that easy, but Kim has other ideas.

Earlier I mentioned her adding a new blog entry. In this entry, as well as on her Facebook page, Kim claims to have hired a new coach named Matt Ebersole. God help him is all I will say in that score. He seems like a solid and knowledgeable guy. She says that she has been reluctant to work with a coach thanks to the "scam one," meaning me. Yes, I ran a hell of a scam, managing to wheedle a total of two payments from her (out of a possible 17 or 18) while offering her a program that allowed her to run times she had never touched before and hasn't come close to since, and while also getting her an agent (whom she immediately alienated), entry into some elite fields, etc., etc. I wish someone would scam me to the same tune.

What I am curious about is whether Kim has the ability to stop throwing wild metaphorical haymakers at me. Her designs on wrecking my livelihood by trying to keep people from hiring me as a coach hasn't worked and will not work, but coaching isn't my full-time gig anyway. She has nothing to fire at me other than her accusations that I am some kind of besotted, woman-beating criminal, charges that don't quite comport with reality. I, however, have only scratched the surface of the damage I could do. I have a great many saved chats that Kim would not want anyone to see.

Understand that I knew all along that Kim probably turn on me at some point, She had boasted about blocking upward of 30 or 35 people on Facebook and done nothing but rip into virtually everyone she had ever encountered -- why would I turn out to be different? The thing is, she should have made a choice: Trust me with her venom and part ways peaceably, or not trust me if she was going to make me a target. Instead she has chosen to both trust me with some dirty secrets and shameful admissions and relentlessly come after me. If she had a remotely valid or understandable reason for being pissed at me, I might be inclined to overlook what she has done to some extent. But the fact that I only supported her, while getting nothing in return, makes all of this even more disgusting. Whatever mistakes I have made in my life have no bearing at all on this -- none. She knows this, but again, she's not interested in decency or sensible or rational thought, only in being the most venomous human being possible.

As you can tell, I've had quite enough. My life is going very well in general, so this sordid melee is inconsequential in the greater scheme and I'm just glad I'm not despised by an entire community of runners the way Kim is by CMS (for reasons completely independent of me, by the way). But I am human, and I am not going to let the slightest sign of aggression on Kim's part slide anymore.

At this point, it's a place-your-bets thing. What will she do next? How can she keep lying to get back at me without putting herself in the line of fire of legal consequences? Is it possible that she just might cease and desist and move forward with her 45 jobs, 88 hobbies and 145 miles a week?