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DistanceCoach.com currently offers three online services for distance runners: personalized coaching on an ongoing basis, training consultations for runners seeking input to improve their existing training programs and personalized training schedules for runners not in need of ongoing support. These services, offered by both Kevin and Lize, are described in detail below. If you live in the Boulder, Colorado area and are seeking in-person coaching or workout supervision, please e-mail us for more information about availability and pricing.

Personalized Coaching

This is a complete support service to help guide you to your running goals.

This service includes:

  • Race-schedule planning
  • A training program based on your racing goals, training history, training preferences, injury history, and various lifestyle constraints
  • An explanation of all aspects of your training program
  • Fine-tuning of your program based on your input
  • Advice on goal-setting
  • Weekly exchange of information by e-mail and modification of your program as required
  • Setting heart-rate training zones if you use a heart-rate monitor
  • Feedback to improve lifestyle factors such as sleep, fluid intake, etc.
  • Injury advice
  • Race-preparation advice

Cost: $99 per month with a three-month minimum, $499 for six months, or $899 for one year. Reduced student and senior rates are available. Payment is made through PayPal.

Training Consultations

This is consulting by e-mail or telephone if you have developed your own training program and would like input on how to improve it, or would like advice on how to improve any aspect of your running. This service is particularly useful if you are confident in your own general training schedule, but would like suggestions on how to make your training maximally effective. Additional running-related topics include setting challenging yet realistic goals, advice for returning to training after an injury, tapering for major races, improving diet for training or competition, cross-training during an injury, and more.

Reviewing and providing recommendations to improve a three- to four-month training program generally requires one hour.

Cost: $90 for the first hour and $60 for each additional hour (you can set the time limit in advance).

Personalized Training Schedules

DistanceCoach.com also offers customized training plans geared toward helping you peak for a race within the coming year. This service includes a phone consultation plus a three- to four-month training schedule created using the information you provide by e-mail and telephone.

Cost: $199 for the consult and training schedule, plus e-mail feedback during the initial week of your build-up in order to ensure the assignment of proper target paces.

If you are interested in personalized coaching, a training consultation, or a personalized training schedule, please send an e-mail to distance.run.coach@gmail.com, with these considerations in mind: Your racing goals, training history, training preferences, injury history, and various lifestyle constraints.

Payment for these services may be made through PayPal.

Methods and Expectations

In order to design optimal training programs and facilitate the relationships with the athletes we coach, we ask runners to do the following:

  • Provide detailed, accurate background information.
  • Ask questions about anything you're unsure of.
  • Supply honest accounts of your training, even when it doesn't go as planned (we don't bite).
  • Be realistic in setting racing goals (we can help you with this).
  • Train hard when hard training is called for.
  • Listen to your body, and in so doing avoid serious injuries.
  • Be a full partner in achieving your running goals.

Kevin Beck, a senior writer for Running Times Magazine for many years, competed sparingly in college, recording bests of 15:51 for 5K and 32:56 for 10K. A few years after graduating he made the marathon his event of long-term focus, running 2:39:37 in his initial attempt at the distance in 1994. Since then, the New Hampshire native has steadily carved his personal best down to 2:24:17 - good for seventh among Americans and 28th overall at the 2001 Boston Marathon. That his development as a runner occurred almost entirely on the roads as a post-collegiate athlete gives him a world of insight when it comes to advising motivated marathoners with relatively limited or non-existent high-school or NCAA running backgrounds.

Kevin's earliest experience with coaching young runners was at Bishop Brady High School in New Hampshire. In 1998, the year before Kevin arrived, the boys' team finished 18th in the State Meet, only a few slots out of the cellar. Kevin's knowledge and enthusiasm breathed life into a moribund program, and in 2000, the team took 4th, qualifying them for the NH Meet of Champions for the first time in anyone's memory. Kevin also coached the girls' team, which also enjoyed significant improvement.

Nearly coincident with Kevin's taking the reins at Bishop Brady was his Running Times article, "How To Run Your Best Marathon -- Really." This thorough treatment of contemporary marathon training -- which invoked not only his own experience but that of world-class, regional-class and recreational marathoners from around the globe -- demonstrated the value of alloting ample training energy to running at marathon pace; since the article's appearance, Kevin has guided numerous marathoners to personal bests using the principles underscored in this still-popular piece. Since then, Kevin has produced numerous training-related articles for Running Times on a variety of subjects, including hill training, tempo runs, progression runs, multi-pace training, and preparing for a range of road distances simultaneously. All throughout, he has had the good fortune to meet and speak with renowned athletes and coaches such as Bob Hodge, Bill Squires, and others, opportunities he naturally has used to further his own knowledge of the sport.

Kevin has coached athletes of various ages and abilities, ranging from runners seeking to qualify for Boston for the first time to age-group world record holders. His chief focus has become career- and family-oriented marathoners for whom running -- while a driving passion -- is only one of several meaningful, time- and energy-consuming life facets.

In 2003, Kevin was seventh at the USATF-New England 13.1M Championships and ran 1:49 to win the Eastern States 20M, but was hampered by adverse weather and injuries in his efforts to qualify for Olympic Marathon Trials. But he began 2004 with a series of personal bests: 13.1M (1:08:22), 10M (51:33), and 5,000 meters both on the track (14:58.2) and on the road (15:16). In November, he placed 2nd at the USATF National 50K Championship, averaging a shade under 6:00 pace on a gently rolling course. He began 2005 by placing second in the Disney World Marathon, fighting off 97% humidity to run 2:28:31.

Kevin, who is the editor of Run Strong, a training book published in April 2005, is also the DistanceCoach.com webmaster and the site's creator.

Lize Brittin has been a runner for over 30 years. She began her successful elite running and mountain running career in the 80's. In high school, she was a four-time state cross country and track champion and twice qualified for the Kinney (now Footlocker) National Championships, placing seventh as a senior after winning the regional meet in Wisconsin. At age 16, she set the course record at the grueling Pikes Peak Ascent. During her freshman year in college, she placed second at The Athletics Congress Junior Cross-Country Championships and continued to set records in mountain races around Colorado.

Lize’s extensive knowledge of running form and movement helps bring out the best in each runner. Sometimes a small adjustment in running style can yield tremendous results.

In addition to form, strength and flexibility exercises, Lize emphasizes the importance of mental skills training in order to reach both training and racing goals. She is not afraid to confront limiting beliefs and other issues that can negatively affect an athlete. Lize feels that in order to achieve success as a runner, the athlete must be seen as a whole. This means everything from the emotional to the physical must be addressed.

Services for Distance Runners


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