Pete Pfitzinger, in conjunction with noted running author Scott Douglas, has co-written two highly successful books on training: Advanced Marathoning and Road Racing for Serious Runners. He has also contributed a thorough chapter on recovery principles to Kevin's book Run Strong.

Want to run a faster marathon? Commitment and hard work are essential but you also need to train smarter to run faster. Advanced Marathoning contains all the information you'll need to run faster, peak for multiple marathons without injury, and meet your marathon goal - whether it's running a personal best, qualifying for the Boston Marathon or winning your age division.

Extensive, day-to-day training schedules are targeted to your weekly mileage and length of training program (12, 18, or 24 weeks). These training schedules will have you racing at peak speed, whether you're targeting one race or several during the season.    More     Reader comments

Improve your racing performance through multispeed training! Whether your distance is 5K, marathon, or anything in-between, Road Racing for Serious Runners tells you how to train smarter and run faster. This training plan is based on solid science, and its physiological basis is clearly explained and incorporated into a running program that produces maximum results and reduces the risk of injury.

In Road Racing for Serious Runners, Pete Pfitzinger-a world-class marathoner, distance running coach, and exercise physiologist-tells you how to get the most out of your limited training time. Pfitzinger teams up with former Running Times editor-in-chief Scott Douglas to present a training and racing plan that will help you excel in the full spectrum of road racing distances.    More     Reader comments

Run faster and longer with less effort than ever before! Putting in the miles is only one part of the training equation. You can become a much stronger overall runner by improving leg turnover, efficiency, body alignment, muscle balance, and running-specific muscle strength, and by finding your most effective range of motion.

Expert coaches and runners show you how to assess what you need and implement these training methods into your current program. And if you're returning from injury, you can bounce back stronger and faster than ever before.     More

Training on Empty is the true-life story of Lize Brittin. Heavy as a child and raised in an emotionally tempestuous alcoholic home, Lize developed anorexia when she was thirteen, and soon afterward took up distance running to help ease the pain of her social and family isolation. Her high-school coach encouraged her to pursue not only cross-country and track during the school year, but also road racing and mountain running in the off-season. By the time she was 15, she was a world-class athlete despite struggling with her ever-worsening eating disorder. Lize's parents, desperate to save their youngest child from wasting away altogether, tried all manner of interventions, none of them successful. Eventually, Lize became so sick that she suffered seizures and nearly died one night despite being in a hospital surrounded by doctors.     More

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