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Wow. You sound crazy. You're dependent on a shelter. You've been arrested for domestic violence, DUI, public intox, and theft in Boulder and more elsewhere. You trash said shelter supporting you. You are attacking a local woman. You are linking on r/Boulder to your attacks on said woman. You assume I'm that woman and you are trying to make me feel bad about myself so I stop fighting you. That's how you seem to work. Break and scare others into fear so they don't call you out. Wow. What podcast. Are you admitting to a podcast I heard where a man, who you are admitting to be admits to rejecting a normal life for alcohol? Cool. That's you! Not surprised. Shit gets around Boulder. It's a small town. And going by shelter rumors, that's the woman you beat interviewing you. Man, she got you. Good for her. Panicking much? You realize your websites and blogs attacking people make you look like the crazy one, right? Because, ya know, you are. Your life says that and you just keep proving it. But keep going...TRIGGERED. You chose alcohol. Alcohol is your only friend. You don't have real human connections. Ever think to yourself, when did I get here? I could have had a life. Now I live in survival mode. I can't get a job. I can't rent an apartment. I can't have a family. I'm just riding out life till I drink myself to death. I'm a person who offers nothing to society. I'm a burden and an annoyance to reality. But when I drink I'm the man. I like to fight on the Internet. I'm a professional victim. It's the only thing left. Me saying all this helps your victim narrative. It's what you do to make people feel bad for you and support you. You love this online war. It's all you do all day. Nobody will hire you. The day you get a job, maybe you'll have some credibility. Good luck. You are lower than most of us in the shelter trying to get somewhere. We're still employable.


What is quoting my comments doing? Are you admitting to a podcast confessing your lifestyle? Guess I should Google your username. Something tells me you have a history that needs to be better known. You seem really protective over something besides your criminal history. And your blogging and making websites about a woman named "Kim". Oh you bet your ass I'll be looking this up. What did Kim do to you? I'm rather sure you ruined your own life. When will you admit to that. Pretty tough when people call out your bullshit, huh. Shelter life, man. We know.


Look, you've lost me. Honestly. Here's all I know. I know your criminal history. I know how you are in the homeless shelter and outside of it. The shelter is a gossip pit. I made sure to stay away from you. You think you're the shit and you're not. You have nothing. You blame everybody for your problems. You have to be the smartest one in the room and if we don't let you be that, you get upset. I just know I'll be the first to jump on mystical and hopefully not real Kim's side when she's beaten in a ditch somewhere.


I drive for Hungry Buffs. I've lived in the same shelter as you at the same time. Is there something in that quoted comment you identify with? I think you do. A lot of us know how you work. I'm exposed to a lot every day for 10-12 hours driving. I see a lot. What are you getting at? Again, who is Kim? I want to know so I can tell her you have made her a target. She wouldn't be your first.


How is that connected? And who is Kim? Look, your article already shows how much you exaggerate. You're just proving yourself here. Sounds like you have yet another personal vendetta against somebody. Just try not to physically harm a woman this time. I hope whoever Kim is, she's safe from you.


I've camped too. That's breaking a law. That makes me a law breaker in the smallest sense. A lot of us homeless or ex-homeless are no angels. Some are less angelic than others and that's the problem. Get off your high horse.

You have to think of the full spectrum. Camping is only a somewhat enforced law. I've never been arrested and neither has anybody I've known. I've been asked to move and I did. The cops only get pissed if you are being an asshole. If you ever got arrested for camping, that's not going to do much anyway. You'd have to get arrested for something much worse than that to damage your life. If you're homeless, I really doubt a camping arrest will bring you down any more. The assholes we have to worry about are those who are violent, thieves, or dangerous in any other way. There's plenty with violent records in these shelters who don't care about getting better and they just want to be a pain in the ass for everybody else. Those are the problems and I made that distinction already. The worst ones are those with serious records who will never get better. They have nothing to lose.


I think it would be great if the Daily Camera could interview the shelter on the events. There's a security camera in the area described.

I decided to talk here for some conversation and to spread awareness on how the shelter life works without stirring up trouble on the article and angering this person. Nobody is getting kicked out for a "flick". It had to have been more. The professional victims minimize everything they do and exaggerate what everybody else does to "ruin their lives". I've seen a lot more happen and the resident was allowed to stay as long as the situation could be deescalated quickly. They are very forgiving and understanding but there's a limit.

A factual article from a reliable source would hold a lot more weight than anonymously commenting online and I don't want to be identified because I'm not looking for trouble with this person. He's scary. If there was no threat of returning to the shelter, I'd be much more verbal. I'm not on completely stable ground and that threat is always there. Everybody tends to know everybody in there, maybe not all personally, but at least name and reputation.

I have shared the article with friends while highlighting those "facts" and they've shared it from me. That's probably the safest way to go for me. I guess if you haven't been mixed in with the shelter crowd, you can't totally grasp how scary it can be sometimes. The bad guys have nothing to lose and a lot of anger to vent.

I do encourage those in a better place to comment and defend the shelter. Negative publicity can reduce donations, volunteering, good employees, etc. etc. Making the shelter look bad will only cause the overall homeless support situation to worsen. A lot of good people I know would be frozen too.


Thank you for understanding. I'm open to discussion on both sides as long as it's constructive.

Since I mentioned it below already, I'll admit my former homelessness here too. Maybe that helps with validity. The system works when used right. Shelters will get you back on your feet. They will bend over backward to get you out of there and in a healthy situation again. It's tough. It's not always nice. You'll see some shit. None of that is a reason to slander the hardworking people there. This was definitely a situation where they had to make a very tough decision due to violence. You are the only one who will create your own problems in the shelter. Personal responsibility needs to be more common than it is right now.

They are not that strict with the mail. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. It's not a dictatorship in there but the professional victims will make it seem that way. (I can't believe how bad journalism has become, especially the online clickbait. They bought the story of a professional homeless asshole again.) There's a class of people who don't think the law applies to them, destroy their lives and then use generosity to live comfortably drunk, stealing from those in need looking to get their shit back together. And that asshole class of people will blame everybody else on the planet for their problems when they are the problem.


It's because I know a lot of these people. That's all. A lot of us blanket the homeless situation as a bunch of good people on hard times. I don't like to talk about it, but I was homeless for about 8 months 3 years ago. I've been through the shelters and hung with the local "unwashed" but I used the system to get back on my feet. There are definitely people who use it for the same reason and they're good people. But, having been in there, I know how it really is and it pisses me off.

Generally, I try to ignore the meanspirited and dangerous homeless crowd. It's inevitable that there's a bad apple or 12 in every group. It gets me upset when I'm either personally attacked by one or one of them decides to bite the hand that feeds them. Would you give money and support to an active criminal who is trashing the people who have tried to steer him in the right direction? Someone who is violent and putting others in danger on the roads? This just happened to be one very known criminal in the area who has no shame in hurting people physically, emotionally and now in the paper. He was honestly a very bad influence on our now dead friend and seeing him play it off like he's the hero for the homeless is disgusting. Typical of him to seek attention out of tragedy. I don't know him personally but I do know some men and women from the shelter who have had to deal with him. He could have just said nothing, but when the opportunity to look good knocks...why not, right?

And the subject was of the homeless man found dead on the hill, which you mentioned in your original post.


That's a local radio station and was reprinted in various other locations. is a huge national site and they also covered it. It received more spread than it deserved, hence my defending the shelter so strongly. I know people on both sides. Great homeless guys. Great shelter employees and volunteers. And through that, I've learned about the total assholes abusing the system and making life worse for others because they just want to get drunk and high more.

I get around. It's mostly good but I wish I could ignore the bad things. You want the shelters to improve? You should be upset that they're slandered for this, by a person who has harmed so many no less. No person in the shelters wants anybody to freeze to death. Nobody would deny mail after one minute, especially if it had much-needed money in it.


Somebody else linked several full articles. Like I said, I'm not putting articles and names up here. I'm just spreading some support for the shelter. You'll have to keep searching yourself but I ask that you don't continue to copy and paste the articles here. That's not cool. Some subreddits even call out doxxing for that.


I know you're not blaming the shelter. It's one of the bad homeless people blaming the shelter very publicly in the papers. It's his type that ruins it for the good guys.

I'm also somewhat upset with newspapers printing non-factual information making the shelters look like they caused a death. That's not OK. The shelter cannot accept somebody who has become violent. They did the right thing that night. It was either risk the life of one person or risk the lives of dozens of people. Jail is warm. Would you rather they had called the cops and had him taken away? He'd be alive but potentially have a life-damaging record that could have gotten him fired. He also had friends in town who were very willing and trying to help him in a good way. Normal, healthy people and his mom was still active in his life last I heard, though far away. He made some bad choices that night and that's unfortunate but we can't blame the shelter for protecting residents.


They're in the paper. I'm not going to make it more searchable on Reddit. None of these people are hiding. Plastering names on Reddit will put the search score through the roof. That's also why I'm not posting the articles. I'm simply trying to spread some awareness of the dangers here while defending some very good people at the shelters who do all they can to keep this from happening. They shouldn't be blamed for this at all.


Overall, he was an OK man. I'm saying that his violent behavior and choices that night may be the issue here. The shelters are working hard to help others. They don't need to be discredited by the people they are trying to help. They also can't allow violence, substance abuse or any other dangerous behavior in there. It could turn into a seriously awful situation with all the mental issues. The shelter workers are highly outnumbered.


In response to the mention of the dead man found on the hill:

I'm not going into names here, but let's just say this man and another man defending him in a few local articles are no angels. This man had a violent tendency but at least had a job at a local restaurant and was friendly to many people, including me. He wasn't the worst, but there were some aspects dangerous enough to get him kicked out of the shelter. He was the type who was OK to work with, but not somebody I'd invite to live in my home.

There are a few articles going around where another very problematic homeless man is defending him, saying he was 1 minute late for getting mail and the mail had money that would have kept him indoors for the night. I'm doubting the "1 minute" but that's not what matters. According to the second homeless man's BS story, he became violent because he needed the mail money to get a place to stay for the night. Again, that's false. He was not asked to leave the shelter due to lack of money and did not need the money to stay warm inside all night. The shelter would have let him stay for free, especially in this weather, even if full. He may not have gotten a bed, but he would not have been left out to freeze. They would have found some solution. The shelters, however, do not allow violence.

The man defending him in these articles is well-known around town for domestic violence, theft, drunk driving, driving without a license, and public intoxication. He's a notorious bullshitter and had the gall to "speak out" at the clamshell defending the situation and blaming the shelter that gives him regular handouts. It just goes to show that you can give some of these assholes all they want and they will still throw you under the bus because they are narcissistic assholes.

I don't need their begging online. I get enough of that shit on the roads all day. Having trouble believing this? Go read some articles on this event, and hit up the Boulder jail bookings and listings for some names in these articles. For some real fun, match the name to the mugshots and article picture. I don't recommend giving money or a room in your home to anybody you find. These are the bad guys.

And science time now: Alcohol speeds up hypothermia and can, you know, lead to some bad decisions like violence and roaming the streets all night. I'm sure this man had enough money to grab a beverage. If not, his defender is probably handy with that and was probably his best enabler.

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